Corneal Ulcer

corneal ulcer

Take care of the overall wellbeing of the patient and attempt to eliminate the reason quite far. Wash the eye with a watery arrangement of Calendula Officinalis mother colour at any rate two hourly.

Argentum nitricum is shown in ulcers of the cornea with the bountiful, purulent release. Internal canthi are swollen and red. Agonizing, purulent ophthalmia. Photophobia.

Calcarea carbonica suits spots and ulcers on the cornea. The regular Calcarea carbonica constitution is available. Lachrymation promptly in the first part of the day and outside. Obscurity of vision, as though glancing through the fog.

Pulsatilla Nigerians is for shallow ulcers of the cornea. Spots on the cornea. There is a thick, yellow, bountiful and flat release from the eyes. Eyes consume and tingle; must rub them. Sobbing eyes; lavish, bitter lachrymation and emission of mucous.

Hepar sulphuris suits corneal ulcers with red and excited eyes and tops. Extreme, exhausting agony in eyes, as though they are pulled once again into the circles. Eyeballs sore to contact. Photophobia.

Mercurius corrosives has profound ulcers on the cornea, with over the top photophobia and harsh lachrymation. Iris seems sloppy in shading and neither expands nor contracts. Shooting, consuming, tearing torment in eyes, particularly around evening time. Consuming, irritation of eyes.

Silicea land is demonstrated in puncturing or sloughing ulcer of the cornea. Boil. After injury. Eyes aroused with sharp agonies. Eyes are delicate to contact, more regrettable when shut. Canthi are extraordinarily influenced.

Euphrasia Officinalis has watering of the eyes constantly. Bitter lachrymation, dull coryza; lavish, hot tears. Regular tendency to flicker eyes. Opacities create after injury. Rheumatic torments and ptosis. Little rankles on eyes. Clingy mucous on the cornea. Photophobia. Sharp torment in eyeballs.

Apis mellifica has puffy eyelids, demonstrating an unfavourably susceptible attribute. Eyelids are swollen red and oedematous. Keratitis with extreme chemosis of visual conjunctiva. The cornea is misty. Puncturing corneal ulcer, with suppurative aggravation of the eyes. Unexpected puncturing agonies, and torments around the circle. Consuming, stinging, shooting torments.