Family Counselor

Counselling is defined as art and science of helping people adjust or deal with personal problems by enabling them to discover for themselves solutions to the problems by receiving attention by the counsellor.

Counselling is an essential and in built aspect of holistic approach to health and healing. In Fact it is the most vital aspect of healing. I prefer to give ample time to all my patients to talk and express their problems in their own words. Often talking expressing and sharing your problems with a neutral unbiased empathetic listener has its own cathartic effect on the patient. It’s like a sounding board and I often notice that patients find solutions to their own problems while sharing with a compassionate counsellor.

More than the disease or the problem it is even more important how the patient perceives the problem. What the patient feels, how he reacts to the situations is what decides the actual impact of the situation.

The treatment will vary depending on the patient perception. Example A patient who has headaches for last 10 years was not bothered about doing anything about it and was happy taking painkillers. It would be of value to understand why after so many years he is now seeking medical help or alternative health care options?

A counsellor is like a mirror that shows you your own reflection. Often you are able to see the truth for yourself with little help from the counsellor. Dr.Mitali is into counselling for last 20 years now; she can expertly guide the patients into healing. She will guide you with regards to all aspects of health spiritual, emotional, mental and physical.