Massage Therapy

massage therapy

Mental – emotional benefits: Stress and anxiety relief. Improved body-mind connection. Improved self awareness. Decreases depression. Grief work. Improves anger management. Unblock and increase energy. Regulation of respiratory and nervous systems. Release emotional muscle memories. Re-write old emotional patterns.

Physiological benefits: Muscle relaxation. Blood pressure control. Better circulation. Pain reduction. Improved quality of sleep. Improvements in your immune system

Katja’s techniques are based on classic massage, swedish massage and deep tissue massage. During her time of practicing and also influenced by her craniosacral work and spiritual path, she has developed an intuitive and listening way of treatment. The dimension of inner awareness, true acceptance of what is, and conscious touch allows the body to deeply relax, integrate and self-regulate.

Katja’s main focus always was to explore different ways of healing and transformation. She practiced the way of creativity and self-expression as an actress, the way of the body as a physio- and massage therapist, the way of integration through cranial sacral therapy and the way of homeopathy – matching the spirit of nature with the inner disease or unease.

She holds degrees and many years of practice in each of those disciplines. Every methodology promises to heal, be it on the structural, the emotional or mental plane.