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Skin care Treatment

Skin (ACNE) Treatment

Homeopathy offers long term cures for prevention of disease of the skin formation, by targeting the basis causes or triggers that cause it. It treats the causes for secretion fluctuations and also helps scale back acute symptoms of acne-like pain, inflammation and swelling. medical care has tried effective within the treatment of disease of the skin because it treats the basis cause and promotes healthy skin. There square measure primarily 2 styles of disease of the skin, non-inflammatory and inflammatory disease of the skin. Whiteheads and blackheads square measure the non-inflammatory selection whereas papules, pustules, nodules and cysts square measure the inflammatory kind. Major causes square measure secretion changes in ladies throughout gestation, throughout change of life, consumption of contraceptive pills and hyper-thyroidism. alternative trigger factors embrace stress, inadequate sleep and overexposure to the sun. medical care includes a safe and effective remedy for treating facial pigmentation. they assist by restoring a fair tone to the skin and halting additional progression of the condition.

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 These pimples usually occur in teenagers during adolescence where there are hormonal fluctuations. Thereafter acne disappears on its own once hormonal fluctuations become normal i.e by the age of 20 to 25.

 Excessive intake of oily and fatty food.

 Exposure to dust, pollutants, and other allergic substances.

 Improper cleansing habits.



Itching, pain, and discharge are the main symptoms in those who suffer from pimples.

Scar formation once the pimples heal is another major symptom that has some psychological effect on all individuals who suffer from a pimple.

 Pigmentation of the skin is another symptom in those who suffer from pimples


 Increase daily water intake.

 Take fresh fruits and vegetables.

 Avoid oily, fatty, and junk food.

 Wash your face at least 5-6 times per day.

 Medical intervention may be necessary if the problem persists or increase in magnitude.

 Use mild and gentle cosmetics.

Homeopathic Approach

Acne is an age-related problem. We have been able to not only stop pimples from coming up but we have also been able to help patients get rid of their scars.

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